You CAN Break the Chronic Stress and Pain Cycle!

stresspostIs your busy life causing stress-related symptoms like insomnia, increased chronic pain, headaches, excess weight? Your body may be in a state of chronic stress response mode and can lead to conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

There are many steps you can take to change the direction of your health by making simple changes in your lifestyle and nutrition but one important step would be to break the chronic stress cycle and retrain your body in “relaxation response.”

Massage can be a perfect solution to breaking the stress cycle. Massage not only feels good by reducing muscle tension and working out knots, it has many hidden benefits. Massage can help set-in-motion the “relaxation response” by producing the feel-good endorphins and at the same time, reducing the production of the stress-related hormone cortisol, and lowering blood pressure.

Including massage in your health regime along with other healthful practices can be an essential step in improving your health by retraining your body to respond in a relaxed mode more easily. It’s important to get massage on a regular basis to help you manage stress related symptoms, improve sleep patterns, and help you stay on track with the other steps you are taking to improve or maintain your health. Massage allows your body to heal; and on a continued basis, serves as a preventative measure.

To improve your health overall, creating a Health Team that includes your Physician and a Health Coach may help you to take charge of your own health-care so that you decide what lifestyle, nutrition, or other steps to take and why. This puts you in the driver’s seat and you will most likely be able to set realistic goals, be accountable, and stay on course to reducing risk of developing “age-related” diseases and enjoy your life.

Adding customized massage to your health regime can be a perfect first step in improving your health.

For over twenty years, Dorothy E. Ruggiero, LMT, CHC has helped many clients overcome the symptoms of stress, reduce pain and enhance their wellness through massage and other natural therapies. She takes a holistic approach to wellness and continues to develop techniques and gain knowledge through numerous hours of professional experience, workshops and courses. Her “tool box” consists of a mix of traditional massage techniques, holistic practices and LEAN/PRIME-TIME* Health Programs that allow her to work with individual needs to break the chronic stress cycle, retrain the relaxation response and coach you in health choices relating to Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition.*

Break the Stress and Pain Cycle!
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*LEAN Health / Prime-Time Health – developed by Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

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