What is Karna Purna?

Karna Purna is an application of warm oil into the ear. When karna purna imageelements of Vata Dosha (air and ether) within the ear are out of balance and in excess, we can reverse this by applying oil which consists of earth and water elements. Ayurveda experts explain that the ear is a sacred place of subconscious memories being in womb where one feels safe and loved. The warm oil gives you the feeling of peace, tranquility and stillness; when the highest healing can take place.

Some Benefits of Karna Purna

Ayurveda is the science of long life. It is an ancient holistic medical system that brings about balance and vitality using therapies including yoga, diet, bodywork, spirituality, herbs and much more. The sacred wisdom of Ayurveda has been handed down from guru to student for thousands of years.

Some of the many types of Ayurveda Body Therapies listed below are offered at SeaStones Natural Therapies. Receiving these therapies along with dosha pacifying diet, yoga and meditation practices can bring about more balance and feelings of wellness.

Abhyanga – oil massage
Marma Abhyanga – using marma points and oil massage
Shila Abhyanga – stone massage
Karna Purna – oil application to the ears
Nasya – lubricating nostrils
Shiradhara – oil flowing over forehead

Ayurveda is a beautiful medical science that encourages people to live in harmony with the earth, the elements and the seasons. It embraces spirituality and recognizes the divine intelligence within all living things. It is the ancient healing science of India.


by:  Dorothy Ruggiero, LMT, CHC



Sacred Stone/Ayurveda 101 by Karen Chabot, D.Ay.,LMT

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