The Mindful Shred

“The Mindful Shred” is Ayurvedic seasonal healing combined with a healthy living program.

Autumn is the perfect time to eliminate toxins from the body. It can boost your immune system to prevent seasonal colds, and encourage  mindfulness towards healthy eating and wellbeing going into the holiday season. Detoxing the body is more important than ever due to increased environmental pollutants that we are exposed to every day.

There are many options for detoxing and it’s important to choose a program that feels right for you and your family, however, beware.  The popular juice fasting or store-bought detoxes may not be as safe as you think and may leave you feeling weak, lethargic or sick and they would not be recommended for pregnant women, children or those with compromised immunity.

A better option is a science-based program that provides a clean balance of nutrition while supporting your body’s natural ability to cleanse on a continued basis.  The important thing is to stay away from processed and GMO foods, additives and the things that don’t serve you. The Shred10 Program is a great option for those looking to detox and jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle.  This is not a 10-day detox or diet that you do for just 10 days, it is a 4-month program that will give you the chance to adopt beneficial habits that you can add to your daily life.

It’s good to have a buddy support system when making changes to your lifestyle.  The Shred10 is safe for all ages and even pregnant women so if willing, you can get the whole family on board!  There is also an online community of support that you can tap into for engagement, fun and accountability.  You can invite a few friends, plus I’ll be doing the “Shred10” along with you.  In fact, I’ll be hosting a special facebook event for “The Mindful Shred” the first week of October 2018!

AYURVEDA is an ancient holistic practice defined as the Science of Life and has many aspects of balance and harmony with earth, energy and the elements called – Doshas.

air (VATA), fire (PITTA), and water/earth (KAPHA)

Ayurveda considers autumn the Vata season because of the tendency for excitement, movement, change, the dryness and falling leaves. This is a traditional time in India for purification in preparation for the cold of winter.  This tradition includes a stew of basmati rice and mung  beans that create a complete protein called Khichadi a vidal aspect in Ayurvedic nutritional healing. Vegetables and spices are added to the stew that make it a nutrient dense meal. This science strives to balance the doshas mentioned above and the Khichadi stew is balancing to all the three doshas and it also Shred10 approved because it is dairy and gluten-free.  For specific dosha-balancing, various spices and vegetables are used based on your individual constitution.  However, for our purposes here we will use a general Khichadi recipe that is balancing to all three doshas.  Recipe:

Fall into health!

Dorothy Ruggiero, LMT, CHC

Be sure to connect with me on Facebook and private message me so I can set you up and add you to the private event!

You will be added to the private facebook group, you will receive a Shred Guide, daily personalized support and a bonus cooking guide.

Who knows, these routines may feel so good that they become a part of your daily life!


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