Massage & Bodywork

Specializing in Pain Relief caused by stress or injury

Our treatments are custom tailored to your individual needs by imagecombining various specialized therapies, bodywork, and relaxation techniques that encourage your body’s own healing ability. Aromatherapy is included to enhance your experience using 100% pure essential oils and uniquely blended herb-filled eye pillows. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water after your therapy session. Pure spring water and herbal teas are available.

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is beneficial to men, women, and children in helping to balance mind, body and energy; and in reducing stress and pain. Precautions may be required for individuals with certain conditions.

Choose between our Therapeutic Massage, Specialized Bodywork,
 and Ayurveda Therapies. Then increase the benefits of
 your treatment with any one of our Essential Enhancers.


Basic Massage Therapy

basicmassageA full body treatment using long flowing strokes, kneading, friction, percussion, and shaking motions typical to Swedish massage that is physically and mentally calming and revitalizing. Light to deep pressure will be applied where appropriate. You will feel relaxed, calm and revitalized.

60 min $75
90 min $105

Holistic Wellness Therapy

painwellnessThis is a full body custom treatment using various therapeutic techniques to arrive at your individual goals in stress,  pain relief, or wellness. We may use Swedish massage, acupressure and stretching or apply deep tissue methods to work out specific areas of discomfort or improper bio-mechanics. Thermo-therapies of warm stones or botanical compresses may be used to relax muscles and gently enliven circulation to draw out toxins in the soft tissues causing pain. You will leave feeling mentally calm, physically free of tension and recharged.

60 min $85
90 min $115

Stress/Pain Management

These customized sessions will include targeted manual techniques such as Mayofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, or Positional Release focusing on specific area or muscle groups to break pain cycles and allow the body to begin the healing process. A variety of therapeutic methods, thermo-therapies or compresses may be applied to treat the targeted area. Excellent treatment for headaches caused by whiplash, fibromyalgia, sports or repetitive motion strains, and chronic stress.

(Based on your individual needs, several sessions may be required to break the pain cycle.  A pain management massage program will be discussed for the most effective outcome and affordability.)

Initial Session Evaluation: $85
Customized Sessions: choose from list of Packages



shiatsuJapanese massage techniques based upon the philosophy of East Asian healing methods in balancing energy flow through meridian system using kneading percussion, and pressure techniques. Sessions are performed on floor futon in loose, comfortable clothing and no oil is used. These treatments are energizing and effective in balancing health and wellness. (Read More)

90 min $115

Thai Massage

thaimassageInfluenced by Ayurvedic medical traditions of Thailand, this unique form of bodywork promotes relaxation, increases flexibility, restores energy, and maintains fitness through gentle rhythmic movement, acupressure and facilitated yoga stretches. Sessions are performed on floor futon in loose, comfortable clothing and no oil is used. After the session, you will feel alert, calm and energized. (Read More)

90 min $115



This oil massage body treatment is for healing and detoxifying body, mind and spirit.  Copious amounts of warmed aromatic oils are used to treat your dosha imbalances and is grounding and very therapeutic. Major Marma points will be stimulated to allow Prana to flow more freely through the body.  After receiving an Abhyanga treatment you will feel very relaxed, nurtured and grounded. (Learn More)

90 min $115

Healing Stone Massage
stonemassageShila Abhyanga is a full body therapeutic treatment that blends soothing massage therapy, nourishing warmed oils and healing properties of heated stones. Ancient holistic healing principles are the basis of our signature stone massage where natural oils and textured stones help to relax and soothe you deeply while anchoring and balancing your energy centers. Our stones were found along the New England Shores and kept in their organic form. Naturally shaped and textured stones add energy and dimension to the therapeutic session.

90 min $115

Facial Treatment

facialWe use warmed stones and custom dosha-balancing organic skincare regime to cleanse, balance, and nourish the skin.  While you are comforted by warm stones and crystals, you will experience a deeply relaxing face massage.  This Ayurvedic-inspired approach is more than a topical skin treatment and will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and revived—and your skin aglow!

90 min $135

**These Ayurveda Therapies can include:  Karna Purna, warm oil to the ears, Nasya, an application of medicated oils to lubricate the nostrils, and Citrus– salt foot treatment at your request.

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* A note to all my special massage clients and those looking to become one of my special massage clients… I am on a leave of absence from massage & bodywork until January 2019.  Thank you for visiting my website.  Please come again!