Therapeutic Massage

Specializing in Stress & Pain Relief

Massage therapy sessions are tailored to your individual needs on a day-to-day basis because aches and pains can flare up.  My focus is on stress and pain reduction with the use of hands-on techniques that encourage your body’s own healing ability.  Aromatherapy may be used to enhance your experience using 100% pure essential oils and handmade uniquely blended herb-filled eye pillows.  It is recommend that you drink plenty of water after your therapy session




Summary from an article posted by American Massage Therapy Association

Massage has a great deal to offer in ameliorating the aches and pains associated with aging. Along with exercise and NSAIDs, massage can reduce symptoms of common OA. For people living with Alzheimer’s disease, massage is a low-risk and relatively low-cost intervention that can be easily taught to caregivers. Particularly with the concern over thelong-term side effects associated with many of the medications used to manage behavior in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, massage is a promising intervention that may reduce caregiver stress as well.  2011