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Medical research shows that making lifestyle and dietary changes can greatly improve your health now, and for the aging process.

Part 1 – Are You Feeling Stressed?

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We live in a fast-paced, technological world and managing daily life stress can be overwhelming.  It may begin to show up in physical ailments like headaches, neck or back pain, or cause you to struggle with your weight.  Stress can lead to conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

If you are experiencing stress-related symptoms, massage is a perfect solution to breaking the stress and pain cycle. It not only feels good by reducing muscle tension and working out knots, massage has emotional and hidden physiological benefits. Getting massage on a regular basis will help you manage stress related symptoms, improve sleep patterns, and regulate your immune system. Massage allows your body to heal and can serve as a measure in prevention and health maintenance.  Make massage a part of your health regime.

Part 2 – Are You Getting the Nutrition Your Body Needs for Repair and Maintenance?veggies

We all know what we should be eating but demands on our daily schedules make it difficult to do.

With one simple change you can begin getting more nutrition from antioxidants of fruits, vegetables and berries. Why is this necessary? Oxidative stress is linked to poor health. Bruce Ames, Ph.D. of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Center says, “In each human cell the DNA is hit about 10,000 times a day by mutagenic oxidants.” Your defense comes from the antioxidants found in food; especially fruits, vegetables and berries. Are you eating enough of these every day?

You can jump-start your health improvement plan by making one simple change in your daily diet.  Evidence-based Juice Plus+ containing 30 whole plant-based foods in capsules or chewable form, bridges the gap between what we do eat and what we need to eat every day.

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Part 3 – Are You Taking Charge of Your Health?

Learn from the science-based LEAN health lessons developed by world renowned Dr. William Sears and begin to make better health choices. Maximize your internal pharmacy to the array of natural medicines your body can produce. Make health your hobby and exercise fun. Reduce waste from your waist and learn the difference between belly fat and other fat stores. Make changes that will reduce pain and inflammation so you can age more gracefully and lower your risk for “age-related” disease.  LEAN – Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition

Part 4 – Are You Ready to Be Inspired?

The All-Inclusive Wellness Program simplifies healthy choices and is affordable.  My mission is to inspire you with a scientifically proven plan for health living, accountability and to take charge of your health!  Join local classes or one-on-one sessions.

The Benefits

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My (20+) years combined experience as a licensed massage therapist and certified health coach will guide you through (9) simple steps – solutions to those stumbling blocks we all experience when making changes to our life patters.

Dorothy Ruggiero, LMT, CHC

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Lifestyle / Exercise / Attitude / Nutrition

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