Never Give Up On the Things …

Prioritizing is important, but your could spend your whole life on your to-do list.  Do these 3 things, and keep on smiling.

  1. Take inventory. Get a piece of paper and write – yes, hand write – a list of everything that makes you happy, from the little things to the large.
  2. Be honest.  What you love Igor be different or quirky, but what matters is that it make you smile.  So, if you love collecting bugs, own it!
  3. Seek your happiness.  Every day, make room for one thing off your “happy” list.  Gaze at the night sky.  Catch up with a friend.  Plant an herb garden.  Whatever.  These are the moments that make life sweet.

Inspiring healthy living with JuicePlus+.  Enjoy!

Dorothy Ruggiero, LMT, CHC

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