Autumn – The Vata Season

We are going into the Vata season now with it comes high energy, unpredictable weather and increased activity.  Vata energy is a combination of the elements air and space.  It’s nature is erratic and changeable often compared to the wind.  With the excess Vata energy it’s difficult to stay grounded and balanced.

Typically, you may notice that your skin is dryer and energy levels fluctuate this time of the year.  You may be feeling “scattered” or out of sorts.  It’s important to nurture your mind, body and spirit.  Adopt routines in daily activities and  feed the body with warmth and moisture whenever possible. It is a traditional time to do a detoxification cleanse to prepare for colder weather.*

Here are some suggestions to help you feel more balanced:

Notes:  *Seasonal Detox Cleanse – Please join us on FaceBook for a 10-day Autumn Detoxification program designed for fun, sharing, inspiration and support.  Learn how to do a cleanse safely and effectively while nurturing your mind, body and spirit in preparation for the winter ahead – combining principles of Ayurveda and whole food nutritional support program.

Reference: “the Ayurvedic year” by: Christina Brown



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