5 Tips for Healthy Vacation

Nothing can spoil a vacation like illness or injury.  While there’s no way to guard against all mishaps, keeping up healthy habits while you’re on your trip is a good start.

Young-woman-drinking-water-after-runStay hydrated:  Whether you’re biking, hiking, or splashing in the waves, being out in the sun for hours can dehydrate you quickly.  Take a bottle of water whenever you’re going to be outside (preferably a reusable one)!



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Pack healthy snacks:  While the occasional treat is part of the fun, having healthy options on hand when traveling helps you strike a balance.  Try packing fruit, nuts, or hard-boiled eggs.  Another portable healthy snack, the Juice Plus+ Complete bar, comes in two new flavors:  Dark Chocolate + Fig and Tart Cherry + Honey.



Get enough sleep:  Sleep is essential for immune strength, and if you’ve traveled across time zones, good sleep is a challenge.  Consider melatonin supplements to help you adjust more quickly.  Make sure the room where you sleep is dark and try to stick to your regular sleep schedule.  This is especially important for kids.



Keep exercising:  Don’t want to lose everything you’ve worked (out) for while you’re away? Consider packing on-the-go strength training.  An exercise band fits in any bag and you can fill a plastic bottle with sand or water to make on-the-go dumbbells.



first aid kitTake a first aid kit:  Pack some Band-aids, disinfectant, painkiller, and tweezers for any minor cuts, scrapes, splinters, or aches and pains.


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